a farewell, of sorts

Blazer-and-Shorts-Street-St Beach-Wave-Hair

I have been thinking long and hard about how to write this post. For those of you who have been around for awhile, I am sure you saw the writing on the proverbial wall and this farewell is one you expected. It is no secret that I have moved most of my internet activities over to Tomboy KC and that my time spent chatting about office politics and exploring work appropriate dress codes dwindled along with my California residency. And while saying goodbye to something that has been my creative outlet and, in some cliche way, a road to self discovery is difficult, the time has officially come to hang up my hat and focus my energies on this next phase. Knowing when to move on is hard.

This blog has been something of a source of escape for me while I was working as an attorney.  For the five years I practiced law it was my “thing”, you were my community and support group and writing about the issues I faced in my career (emotionally and sartorially) was my coping mechanism.  But now that I have relocated and am no longer working as an attorney, while the conversations we had here are still relevant and necessary (balancing work with life will always be a struggle worth contemplating), I no longer feel I am a person to be facilitating that discussion. My daily life has altered so dramatically that, event though it has only been a year, it is hard to even remember what it was like spending my days in an office writing briefs and arguing over legal strategies. It is funny how life works that way. One minute there is nothing more real and daunting and the next it all feels like a dream. So I am saying goodbye to LOF and moving on to an entirely new set of discussions. I am moving from conversations about business casual to explorations of self worth and confidence. Where my focus was once on student loans and billable hours, it is now on consumerism and shopping habits.

Things over at Tomboy KC certainly won’t be the same as they were here at LOF. For one, there are many different voices at TKC (which I love) and the ideas aren’t just limited to one person’s walk of life. It is less about working and more about living. But it is just as much about fashion.

Things change. I’ve changed. Such is life. But I hope you will join us anyway. I hope you will join us for the silly and the serious. The frivolity and the sensibility. And if listening to us wax poetic about our impracticalities doesn’t do it for you, I hope you at least join us for the shoes.

images by Erica Sledge


dezso does dallas

A little heads up that the fabulous stylist turned jewelry designer Sara Beltran of Dezso is making a personal appearance here in the Big D at Forty Five Ten (where else) as a part of the Dezso trunk show there.  She will be at Forty Five Ten today and tomorrow hanging out and showing you what she’s got in store for her beachy chic line.  Personally, I love her earthy take on the friendship bracelet. Something about her color choices and the addition of the handpicked shells just makes it seem more relevant. Be sure and stop by and see her if you can!

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